My 3rd plurkiversary milestone

Today marks my 3rd plurkiversary on Plurk. I have enjoyed posting and sharing things with the Second Life community for three years since September 2008. I think it’s a great achievement to reach this milestone and I hope you have liked my Plurks over the years so far.

My Plurk stats 3 years later..

  • Karma: 110.02
  • Profile Views: 9, 948
  • Plurks: 5, 025
  • Plurk Responses: 9, 877
  • Member Since: 1st September 2008


1 month to go until BURN2 2011

There’s one month to go until the main BURN2 2011 festival starts in Second Life. The countdown continues to tick down and there appears to be two new regions on the left hand side called Black Rock & Hualapai since I last checked mid last month. I’m sure there will be many more regions coming online within the month and building work will be completed before September is over. BURN2 is community created and supported.

I can’t wait!!