My SL evolution of avatars over the years

My SL evolution has changed alot over the years and here are my favourite SL avatars from October 2006 (bottom) to 2011 (top) of the tower pile. I do love to change my avatar frequently and I’m sure many know that already. I love wearing cute and amazing avatars in Second Life than staying with a human form.  This is a great project set up by Harper Beresford just recently.

Join Your SL Evolution group on Flickr and send snapshots of how you’ve changed over the years in SL.

My constant SL revolution is shown below and this trend will continue into the future I think…


ReactionGrid now available on the Android Marketplace

Great news this week that ReactionGrid is now available on the Android Marketplace as a demo version. Search for “Jibe 3D MultiUser VirtualWorld” and try it out if you using a Android device. ReactionGrid is one of the OpenSim grids that “develops and hosts 3D virtual world platforms for metaverse events, corporate training, education and entertainment”.

App stats

  • Updated: 26th September 2011
  • Version: 1.1
  • Requires: 2.0.1 and up
  • Size: 22M
  • FREE

Today ReactionGrid hit a milestone in virtual world development.  The first true mobile virtual world platform is available on the Android Marketplace in demo form.  After we get feedback and refine the interface we will be scheduling some live concerts, brainstorming sessions and more.  While it is a demo it is the full Jibe kit minus voice (for now).

We are also launching a publishing division of RG this month which can take your standard Jibe project kit and publish an Android and soon iOS version.  We can also guide you through the process if you buy the Unity3D publishing application for Android and soon iOS.

This demo is a work in progress but running nicely enough to get some expanded feedback beyond our staff of testers.  Some icons need to be enlarged for smaller screens along with numerous other tweaks we can already see.  Please comment here or email us at with your feedback and ideas.