Pop Art Lab celebrates 3 year anniversary

Pop Art Lab celebrated it’s 3 year anniversary in Second Life yesterday and there was a special 6 hour DJ birthday event during the afternoon-late evening yesterday.

Pop Art Lab was founded start of 2008 in the virtual world of Second Life. It provides a dynamic immersive environment within which avatars can gather together to share their interest in music, movies & machinima, and attend live concerts and events occurring both entirely within the virtual environment and in mixed realities that merge reality with the metaverse.

Here are some excellent statistics about Pop Art Lab during the last 3 years.

  • Pop Art Lab have hosted 50-70 events
  • 75, 000 visitors 
  • Pop Art Lab have streamed more than 1, 750 full length albums
  • 15-20 music TV shows in connection with Treet.TV
  • Pop Art Lab has presented at conferences as far away as San Francisco, Dublin and Finland

Here is the blog post announcement from Pop Art Lab about the 3 year anniversary.

Pop Art Lab 3 year Anniversary!

September 3. – 12:00-06:00pm SLT/PDT – 21:00-03:00 CET
Black Celebration: Blackout DJ B-Day Special

Suddenly we are 3 and want to bang the drums!!! We have hosted endless (50-70) events and seen SL change, grow but we still here! We have had up at 75.000 visitors. We have streamed more than 1750 full lenght albums! We have been mentioned in LA Times and endless other notable blogs and sites on webz. We have hosted some of the most influental machinima contest in SL. We have designed full simrollouts. We have done 15-20 music TV shows in collab with Treet.TV. We have interviewed real life rock gods like Greg Hawkes (The Cars). We have presented Pop Art Lab at confrences as far away as San Francisco, Dublin and Finland. We are maybe the very first fully digital 3D streamservice allowing visitors to listen to music in 3D like it was a musicmag’s “new albums reviewsection”!

We want to celebrate 3 years of fun!

Get on board and come experience a massive 6 hour live-DJ event!


12pm Arrival
1pm DJ BRB aka Claus Uriza
2pm DJ ℓαyℓo aka Laylo Stipe
3pm DJ Denard Henry aka Sonic Architect
4pm DJ Danxx Cluny
5pm DJ Unknown aka Evil Laa
6pm Departure

Access: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pop%20Art%20Lab/173/78/21


Happy 1st Birthday Phoenix Viewer Project

On 3rd of September 2011 Jessica Lyon announced the Phoenix project turned one years old. There was a big party from 12pm SLT inworld lasting for many hours yesterday afternoon with a great attendance of more than 50 avatars on the Wailele Moku region. I would like to say thanks for all the hard work during the past year and many congratulations to the crew.

Firestorm is one of the most popular successful third-party viewers at the moment and I know there is great anticipation now for a Firestorm release that includes mesh support. WOOOT!

Happy Birthday Phoenix team!

Yes..Today is our birthday!
Exactly one year ago today this blog post
spread around the grid like wildfire. It was the birth of the Phoenix Viewer Project.
Today, at noon SLT we will be celebrating with a very big party. Our developers and support staff will be on hand to talk to, mingle with and ask questions. We’ll also have a live DJ and a speech or two. Unfortunately it’s only one region and if I post the location on this blog.. we’ll be overwhelmed and likely crash the sim a time or ten. So at approximately 11:45 am SLT today I will be sending a group notice out to our main Support group. If you would like to attend, be in that group 🙂 . For those who cannot attend, I will post my speech on this blog after the party and any other speeches made from other team members.
Hope to see you there!
Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
Phoenix Viewer Project, Inc

There was great music, dancing, speeches and lot’s of discussion about Phoenix/Firestorm viewers. You can watch the speeches by Jessica Lyon and Arrehn Oberlander here. http://metamixtv.com/shows/the-phoenix-hour/phoenix-viewer-project-1-year-anniversary/.