Flufee on a Meshion episodes 1 & 2

Check out these crazy mesh comedy machinimas uploaded by Draxtor Despres. I think these videos are brilliant and awesome. Woooot!

Episode 1: Primland

A new era has begun in machinima: Mesh import is changing the most versatile world on the planet aka Second Life. We decided to provide a bit of comedy honoring this big step in SL-evolution***]. In this pilot episode our little mesh hero ventures out alone amidst the vast unchartered prim territory that is Second Life. What will he encounter and how will it shape his outlook about the future of the grid? Is mesh domination indeed imminent? Why are Flufee’s parents the same size as he? Questions, questions, questions and only a few will be answered in the next 3 minutes…..

Episode 2: Flufee on the couch

Oh fame: the damage it can do to even the strongest of characters… and that by the way includes characters made of mesh! In this episode we see how internet stardom can shake the very foundation of sensitive individuals, we learn why Sigmund Freud had such trouble with Klezmer music, why fabric matters and why Linden Lab should perhaps guard their San Francisco headquarters with an armed guard or two….: all that and more under 3 minutes….