SL Forum posts rise during August 2011

According to the Forum Post Counts site which tracks post counts on the Second Life Forums and Second Life Answers there was a larger increase during August 2011. This is the 2nd highest its been since the site started back in March 2011 when it reached 19, 983 posts in total. However it’s not clear why there two high peaks and what caused them.

I would imagine the peak in March was caused by the following RedZone, VWBPE and various other things. The peak last month I think was due to Meeroos, SLCC 2011, Mesh and Viewer 3.

Counts by Month

  • March : 19, 983 posts
  • April : 14, 514 posts
  • May : 13, 633 posts
  • June : 10, 292 posts
  • July : 16, 691 posts
  • August: 18, 213 posts

Latest Graph


Berries Inc is closing down in Second Life

Another month in Second Life and yet another closure to report sadly. Berries Inc is a well known beloved fashion casual store and many will be sad to see this nice store go. It’s worth visiting the store if you like fashion items in Second Life. 🙂

  • Berries Inc is having a huge closing sale right now until 12th September 2011.
  • Everything is 50L$ 
  • Teleport Here

Official confirmation today from the owner of Berries Inc.

[0:40] summse Sands: Hey, yes Berries Inc. close!

Apparently Summse is closing up because she’s going back to school/college, the sim tier ends and she will not have time to maintain the store.  Maybe she might open a new store in the near future after college which would be awesome. I wish her the best of luck for the future! 🙂