60 SL blogs you should read

Check out my selection of 60 SL resident blogs you should read this year. It’s definitely worth bookmarking and subscribing to these wonderful blogs/sites for SL news and the latest happenings from the metaverse. And there are many more great SL blogs that I love as well.
Check out my blogroll on the right for more amazing SL blogs. 🙂

18 thoughts on “60 SL blogs you should read

  1. Daniel, Thank you for the mention.

    And to those popping in to Daniel’s blog or who haven’t subscribed – make sure you do subscribe. This blog should be on the list as well.


  2. It´s a weekness for the list that it only seems to list english language blogs.
    There´s a lot of good blogs written in other language. For exampel the swedish SL-blog comunity is large and active.
    ( sedish translated to english by google isn´t that bad)


  3. thanks for the listing – although i am no longer in Second Life, i do still touch upon it as it will continue to be the largest influence on much of OpenSim for the foreseeable future. besides, when you go for at least one post per day you can’t talk about virtual worlds without talking about SL


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