Nature Dreaming Second Life machinima

Check out this nicely put together machinima video uploaded by Draxtor Despres. This promo shows California’s history radio series & SL experience. It’s amazing I think.


Nature Dreaming: Rediscovering California’s Landscapes is a two-part public radio series drawing on dramatic readings of California landscape writing and commentary by prominent humanities scholars. Featured is award-winning writer and organic farmer David Mas Masumoto.

Nature Dreaming dramatizes California stories that are grounded in local experience, sensitive to the delicate ecological balance of the planet, suspicious of abstraction, and celebratory of the relationships human beings have —through their senses and through their imaginations— with California.

The Second Life immersive world will provide a home for everyone interested in experiencing the abiding dream of a pastoral Eden for themselves and share it in real-time with others from all around the world.

Nature Dreaming is a California Legacy Project production ( and is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Check your local public radio station for exact air-dates and join the californialegacy group in SL for updates on the virtual portion of this project!

Shot in SL at
Calas Galadhon
Empress and Hierophant