MG and TG Bay City Now Merged into One

According to the Official Bay City SL Twitter account the Teen Grid version of Bay City has been moved and merged with the Main Grid version. Today on Plurk Marianne McCann informed everyone on the Plurk timeline about Bay City becoming one. Bay City was first created in Second Life for both grids on May 8th, 2008 and now it’s been finally reunited with each other.

If you teleport into Bay City – Imaginario and head West you will enter the merged TG Bay City regions. This is great news for the Bay City groups and residents. 🙂


4 thoughts on “MG and TG Bay City Now Merged into One

  1. This is the map the LDPW Moles are working off of that you can see in the courtyard of the Bay City Center in Daley Bay. It mat give you at least something ’til the map updates.

    There’s four new homestead regions as a part of this: Triton, Blue Channel Shannavay, and Owens Beach. Davis Gulf is removed. Oak Bluffs and Weston have been cleared pending new content.


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