Spring SL TweetUp 2011

Tomorrow (27th Feb 2011) there will be a special spring SLtweetup 2011 event hosted at Matanzas region in Second Life. The event starts at 10am SLT and ends at 6pm SLT to allow everyone to get online from different timezones around the world. I’m excited about attending this SL TweetUp event and will look forward to meeting everyone.

SkateFossToxic Menges announced the event on Twitter this Thursday just gone and I’m sure there will a good attendance tomorrow. I will be uploading pics from the event onto my SL Flickr timeline at some point tomorrow.

SLTweetUp was great fun yesterday (27th February 2011)

Space Destiny Island Is Closing In Second Life

Apparently the well known Space Destiny destination in Second Life is closing down. Space Destiny is one of my favourite locations to visit in Second Life and it’s rather upsetting to see it be closed down. The reason for closing is unknown.

Group Notice From: Welcome to NASA

Space Destiny island is closing. Come and take your last chance to explore. Experience the Planetarium,  Star Trek builds, and exhibits on Outer Space Exploration.

Farewell Fireworks show will commence every hour, 15 minutes past the hour,  from 5:00AM to 7:15PM SLT.