Rodvik Linden Meet and Greet Transcript Released

Rodvik Linden and Pete Linden hosted a short meet and greet gathering yesterday morning after 11:09am SLT. The meet and greet was only invite only according to Chestnut Rau’s blog post and tweets on Twitter. I’m angry that I was not invited to the meet and greet meeting because I love attending these special meetings/events.

Chestnut Rau kindly posted up the Full Transcript of the Meet & Greet gathering.

First Version Of Blue Mars Mobile

Avatar Reality has released the first version of Blue Mars Mobile which is now available to download from the Apple App Store. Anyone who has a iPhone®, iPad™, or iPod Touch® can try out this free app out. The app size is 33.1 MB apparently and there are photos of the first Blue Mars App which can be found here. What do you think about the first version of Blue Mars Mobile ?

President & Co-Founder, Kazuyuki Hashimoto says..

The launch of the Blue Mars application is a huge step forward in helping us reach our number one goal – growing the user community – by making the platform easier to access by more people. Additionally, since all of the in-world content is developer created, there will be a big opportunity for developers to grow their businesses and brand exposure.

Our company is now focused on not only enhancing the app with future updates, but also on improving the Blue Mars platform and the integrated experience between the two

What can you do on the first version of Blue Mars Mobile?

This first version of the application allows users to view and rate avatars and fashions from Blue Mars, which populates the results on the “Top-Rated”. They can also use the “Recents” option to track avatar updates and see the latest fashions. Future updates will include such enhancements as avatar customization, interaction with other social networking platforms, the ability to chat with other Blue Mars users, and integrated shopping of clothing and other items via Apple’s in-App purchase feature.