SL Residents to follow on Twitter during 2011

Here is a good selection of 50+ SL resident accounts on Twitter you should follow to hear the latest happenings from the Second Life community. It’s time for Linden Lab to hear what is happening from their customer base. This list is in a favourite random order and feel free to follow me at

  1. SecondLie
  2. Mal Burns
  3. SL Hamlet
  4. Tateru Nino
  5. Indigo Mertel
  6. Lufpeh
  7. Bevan Whitfield
  8. Grace McDunnough
  9. Crap Mariner
  10. Dusan Writer
  11. Ann Otoole
  12. Marianne McCann
  13. Toxic Menges
  14. Oliver Szondi
  15. Skate Foss
  16. Ener Hax
  17. Prokofy Neva
  18. Paisley Beebe
  19. Jenn Forager
  20. Bay City SL
  21. Betterverse SL
  22. East River Community
  23. Prim Perfect
  24. Lalo Telling
  25. Treet TV
  26. Bunjie
  27. Rocky Constantine
  28. Opensource Obscure
  29. Net Antwerp
  30. Phaylen Fairchild
  31. Patchouli Woollahra
  32. Stryker Jenkins
  33. Botgirl Questi
  34. Ciaran Laval
  35. Suzan Littlething
  36. Trudy Takacs
  37. Dale Innis
  38. Slim Warrior
  39. Holocluck Henly
  40. Sanura Snowpaw
  41. Abel Undercity
  42. Raul Crimson
  43. Bebe Naidoo
  44. Maggie Leber
  45. Marx Dudek
  46. Wizard Gynoid
  47. Bashful Pixie
  48. Mickey Vandeverre
  49. Delphina Anudina
  50. HUGSaLOT
  51. James Pollard
  52. Pathfinder Lester
  53. JoJa Dhara
  54. Ron Blechner
  55. Rivenhomewood

Feel free to add your active Twitter SL accounts in comments or perhaps your favourite ones you like to follow for Second Life.


Lindens to follow on Twitter during 2011

Here is the updated 2011 list on active Linden accounts on Twitter for the latest SL news and SL gossip.

You may notice that the list has been reduced since my last post back in July 2009 and that’s because of the massive departures last year at the lab. Hopefully there will be more new Linden Twitter accounts during 2011/2012 that will be keeping the SL community informed on the latest happenings.