Rodvik Linden Talks About Three Priorities Right Now For SL

Rodvik Linden has replied to a thread on the SLUniverse Forums on 30th March 2011, called My not so humble suggestion and Open Letter to Rodvik. Rodvik Linden talks about his top three priorities for Second Life for 2011 including service, lag and usability. It’s really nice to see Rodvik is reaching out to SL residents/customers on SLUniverse Forums and Twitter.

Rodvik starts by mentioning this…

But what you probably care about is what those experiences have taught me about how our customers experience Second Life and what we need to focus on to make things better. I covered some of it from a very high level here: Introducing SL Viewer Beta with Basic and Advanced… – Second Life

Service, lag and usability are the three short-term areas we are focusing on. Usability will be the most immediately noticeable. Less noticeable, but very, very important are customer service and lag. I want Second Life to work and work well. For merchants, experienced residents, creators and newbies.

As a company, we have a ton of very cool initiatives* in production or close to being ‘green-lighted’ that I want to get to being excited about, but I do not give us as a company permission to talk about those things until we have world-class customer service, a modern usability framework and a great operating service.

That will not take that long, and we have already made progress on the customer-service side; I get a regular report on our wait times and the added resources are making a big difference. I hope it is being felt.

Usability includes not just things like Basic Mode and an improved UI (yes, learning from TPV’s and other software) but also discoverability for locations and people (who want to be discovered; of course, we are also fully committed to providing privacy controls for those who do not).

Lag is a large set of items, but possibly the most important issue. It just all needs to work better and better. This is a combination of short- and long-term technology, plus policy choices that can help.

Anyway, at the risk of being a broken record, those are my three priorities. As we knock them off, I hope you will feel the difference, and then I will feel more comfortable talking about larger, more long-term initiatives that I think will be truly jaw-dropping. But right now, we have a lot of old fashioned running a good business stuff to do.

Speaking of which, I should get back to it right now  Thanks for writing.

I am off back to work now.

Rodvik ends by mentioning the following things will be coming soon to the SL platform. My predictions puts the following launching sometime between early-mid April – late May 2011.

soft body physics, estate-level settings for Windlight, and mesh import are coming sooner rather than later.

Yay, can’t wait.


Popular SL News During March 2011

This is the March 2011 edition of popular Second Life news, during this month with links and dates below. For the past year or so, I have been publishing monthly popular SL news on my blog at the end of each month to let everyone know what’s been happening. Catch up…

Previous monthly recaps can be found here.

InWorldz Birthday Celebration 2011

InWorldz will be having a birthday bash celebration starting on Thursday 31st March through to Sunday 3rd April 2011. The final preparations are now underway and it’s not long now. InWorldz has around 34, 000 registered users and 848 regions at the moment. I’m sure the celebrations will be a great fun and many will attend.

InWorldz Birthday Bash is scheduled for March 31st (Thursday) through April 3rd (Sunday). The founders have generously donated 4 sims for this event. This event is for all residents to have a chance to display their art and artistic abilities. There will be live entertainment throughout this event. Building teams have been started as well as volunteers for other roles that will support this event.

The Inworldz Birthday Sims are open for everyone to explore.

Ormand Wins Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011

Congratulations to Ormand for winning this year’s Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011. WooooT!!!

Finally we announced winning musicvideo for our machinima expo. Congrats Ormand! It was a close race and it’s fair to say Arbit Delacroixs video was very close and on Top of one jury members list as well as on top of several experts lists too.
However we ended asking Giana Factory and 20 mins. before the announcement they picked Ormands entry as winner!

Top 10 Most Viewed SL Videos On YouTube

Here are the top 10 viewed SL videos on YouTube. I’m amazed by the viewing figure’s below and some of these SL views are LMAO. Enjoy!





















BURN2 Spring Event 2011 Opens

At 10:30am SLT today this year’s BURN2 Spring Event officially opened with great joy and excitement from the SL community. The BURN2 spring event 2011 continues through to late night on Sunday 27th March 2011. Come and enjoy the fun during this weekend! Celebrate the BURN BURN BURN!

SLURL to BURN2 2011

Today’s complete schedule is (all times are PT / SLT):

  • 10:30am: Opening
  • Noon: Mommaluv Skytower
  • 1pm: DRUM
  • 2pm: Burner Studio – history of Burning Man
  • 3pm: Phoenix Gerhadsen
  • 4pm: BubbaC John
  • 5pm: DMV Flower Power vehicle races (these sound like fun!)
  • 7pm: Myst Dancers
  • 8pm: Myst Dancers

Latest BURN2 Spring 2011 Snapshots

BURN2 Breaking News

I have heard that the main festival of BURN2 2011 will officially start on 1st October 2011 and the aim is to have 18 regions this year. Apparently M2_DangerRanger made the announcement during the spring opening ceremony at the BURN2 stage.

Active RL Companies That Have A Presence In SL 2011

Here is my top list for active real life companies that have a presence in Second Life today during 2011.

Landmarks with SLURLS

Many real life organistions and businesses have left Second Life in recent years with their own reasons for doing so. Feel free to comment if you know of any other active RL companies that have a presence in Second Life?. There is a Business section on the Destination Guide for more exploring.

Cool SL Hashtags On Twitter 2011

Recently on Twitter there have been some really cool SL hastags on Twitter being used by the Second Life community. Check out the following useful SL hashtags then add one with info when your tweeting about Second Life to keep the tweet chat flowing.

Newer SL Hashtags

Other SL Hashtags to use

Try them out and have fun. If you know of any other good ones feel free to comment. 🙂

SL Fashion For Life Raised 4.7 Million Linden Dollars

SL Fashion for Life 2011 has raised a grand total of 4.7 million (4,758,895) Linden dollars for the American Cancer Society. This is really good news for the  Relay for Life team to start the 2011 season with a high. Fashion For Life started on 12th through to 22nd March 2011. Well done to the Fashion For Life organizers and donations raised this year to help support the event.

When I went to explore the sims this year I throught they were inspiring and brilliant. I’m sure Fashion For Life 2012 is going to be successful and bigger than ever before. 🙂

Upcoming Events

Home Expo: May 13-22, 2011
Halfway There Fair: May 14-15, 2011
Fantasy Faire: April 2-10, 2011
Paint SL Purple: May 7-13, 2011
Relay For Life: July 16-17, 2011