Upcoming Kiss a Linden and Kiss a Volunteer Event 2011

Kiss a Linden & Kiss a Volunteer event for Valentines Day 2011 will take place from 7am SLT to 7pm SLT on Monday,  14th February, 2011 on the Isles of View regions 1-2. This is a great chance to hug each and kiss each other inworld. You never know who will drop in to attend Valentines Day in Second Life this year.

  • Last year’s event was good fun when we had to find golden hearts around the grid
  • 2009 was the year when Cupid Linden looked different and when there were more Lindens everywhere to kiss/hug
  • 2008 was the year I managed and created builds for the Hugsville for Teens region before I transferred to MG
  • 2007 well there was nothing related for teens back then

You can sign up to volunteer here