Mark Linden Has Left Linden Lab

Mark Linden, the senior director at Linden Lab, made a tweet last Friday (4th February 2011), announcing that it was his last day at the lab. Mark Linden has been working for Linden Lab for 8 years and 6 months according to Tateru Nino’s Weekly Linden account changes week 6 post.

His reason for leaving Linden Lab is still unknown and Mark will probably won’t want to talk about it.

Viewer 2.5 Released

Q Linden announced the new version of Viewer 2.5 on the Official Second Life Blog yesterday afternoon (SLT), which comes with the new web-based profiles. I downloaded and installed the new version from the Viewer 2.5 release notes page from the SL wiki to view the recent changes. I noticed that Viewer 2.5 on my PC was faster in performance which is way better than previous versions of Viewer 2.

New Profiles

I still much prefer to see profiles in-world (sidebar) instead of opening up a web browser or tab to view them each time. It would be good to have a choice between them. The new privacy settings make sense for how public SL profiles are seen and there is definitely room for improvements and changes for web-based SL profiles like including Plurk in social networking options. There is still alot of mixed reactions to the new SL profiles on the web and it’s going to be interesting to see what Linden Lab does with web based profiles during 2011.

Landmark Favorites

I think this is a great feature that Linden Lab has introduced with Viewer 2.5 to access landmarks from the login screen to favourite places in-world. It would be nice to view existing favourite LMs from one’s inventory too.

History Timeline of Viewer 2 Versions

What do you think of Viewer 2.5 release ?