Top 10 SL communities pages to join on Google+

Recently Google introduced Communities to Google+ where anyone can talk about topics they are into and have conversations about it. It’s been very successful so far I think for SL residents setting up different SL communities pages. I’ve not heard of any issues/problems so far with Google+ Communities and it’s worth joining the pages to stay up with the latest activities from Second Life.

Check out these 10 popular SL communities pages! 

  1. Second Life - 427 members
  2. Second Life Arts – 293 members
  3. – 94 members
  4. Second Life and other Virtual Worlds - 76 members
  5. Second Life Music – 68 members
  6. Practical Uses for Virtual Worlds – 45 members
  7. NonProfit Commons in Second Life – 43 members
  8. Opensim Virtual - 40 members
  9. Virtual Identity – 31 members
  10. MetaMeets – 30 members

My SL communities main page!

SL communities

Stay updated with SL on Google+

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  1. Is it safe then to join g+ on a pseudonym?


  2. Its safe for now I think for news updates on SL. :)


  3. Franklin Lubitsch

    @Pussycat … Google has changed their rules to allow pseudonyms/avatars to create a page. This is different than a profile, and doesn’t have all the functions of a profile, but it is a reasonably good alternative. Here’s the page I created for myself:

    You must have a profile to create a page, but their is no publicly viewable connection between your RL profile and your SL avatar’s page.


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