Linden Lab highlights 2012 and 2013 for Second Life

Linden Lab has posted up a new blog post today looking back at Second Life during 2012 and looking forward to 2013 which is just a few weeks away now. During 2012 the SL official blog has very quiet this year for news SL announcements and other related updates overall. This new blog post by Linden Lab is very interesting indeed to read through and its good that Linden Lab is investing more into Second Life for 2013. Yay!

Improvements made to Second Life in 2012:

  • New Advanced creator tools
  • Good Building Practices
  • Revamped Destination Islands
  • New Perks for Premium Subscribers
  • New Direct Delivery
  • Improved HTTP Library
  • New group management tools
  • CHUI introduced and will be rolled out in 2013
  • Project Shining introduced
  • 1, 200 places added to the SL Destination Guide in 2012 (Now stands at 2, 400)
  • Threaded region crossing improving teleports and reducing lag
  • Expanded support of video cards

Upcoming improvement for Second Life during 2013:

  • Further improvements to performance and reliability
  • New perks for Premium subscribers
  • New features for everyone (normal and specular maps)
  • Project Shining – more developments will happen in 2013
  • More places will be added to SL Destination Guide in 2013

The highlights Rodvik Humble posted up last year for 2012 have been achieved more or less. There looks to be many new exciting developments coming in 2013 and hopefully more to blog about next year.


My 22nd birthday today

Today marks my 22nd birthday in real life and i’m another year older. I can’t believe how time has gone really quickly during my teen-early adult life.

It’s now been four years since I officially transferred over from the teen grid (October 2006) to the main grid (December 2008) to start my adult adventures in Second Life. I won’t forget the time when I first arrived at the MG transfer station at Baffin. I met alot of good friends and went travelling across the massive grid of all things SL.

Thanks to everyone for making my SL journey exciting and special so far. It’s been amazing during the 4 years on the main grid and I hope for many more.  🙂