My first visit to The Raglan Shire Winterfest 2012

Today I went to visit the 6th annual raglan shire winterfest event happening right now over at the Raglan Shire region in Second Life. This was my first official visit to the region where I arrived at winterfest welcome area which looks amazing. It’s Christmas time at the Raglan Shire all this month until around 10th January 2013 when winterfest normally ends. It’s home to the tinies community in Second Life which rocks!

Teleport (SLURL)

Welcome to Raglan Shire! A Tiny Themed place with many different locales & events & activities for Tinys seeking friendship & adventure! Tinies from all over come to play, shop, collaborate & have fun together! Art, Music & Creativity! All welcome!

The christmas & winter welcome area

The Raglan Shire Winterfest 2012

I love that it’s called the Raglan Shire’s Wootmas by many on the grid and that the region is full of SNOW. The Raglan Shire Winterfest 2012 includes winter festivities, goodies, winterfest tiny racing, skiing, tiny caroling, tinies shops and much more. Nearby there is a 5 hour return sandbox to visit to unpack raglan shire goodies and chat with friendly tinies.

In total there are 7 raglan shire regions which are really worth exploring during this Christmas month. 🙂

Raglan Shire – Where the Tinies play 🙂

Raglan Shire regions 2012

The Raglan Shire Winterfest 2012 poster!

The 6th Annual Raglan Shire Winterfest start area!

The Raglan Shire Winterfest 2012_002

Christmas is here at The Raglan Shire in Second Life!

The Raglan Shire Winterfest 2012

The Raglan Shire sites to visit 

What do you think of The Raglan Shire Winterfest 2012 ?