New Raglan Shire Tinies Year 2012 Video

Watch this new great video of the Raglan Shire Tinies Year 2012 which is really entertaining and highlights popular events from 2012 featuring tinies.

It’s been a wonderful year for tinies in Second Life during 2012 with so many good memories. Lets hope 2013 will be another happy and exciting year for the tinies community in Second Life. 🙂

Tinies taking over the grid!


InWorldz Physics rollout due to be completed in early 2013

On the InWorldz Forums there is thread called Physics test region selection/rollout informing everyone on the latest developments with the Physics rollout. There is mention of either a major or complete rollout by new years day apparently by Tranquillity Dexler which is excellent news. The Physics rollout started in early December 2012 with only a selection of regions having the latest Physics version.

Tranquillity Dexler mentions that the rollout continues on Wednesday 26th December 2012 to more volunteer regions and huge clusters of regions. Yay!

I will continue this rollout on December 26th to more volunteer regions and will begin to extend this to entire clusters of regions. We’ve had great results for days now in the latest versions and I think we’re on track for a major or even complete rollout by new years day.

The first week or so of January 2013 will be hopefully the completion of the rollout of Physics I think. It’s really exciting to hear its coming so soon and it will be another big leap forward for InWorldz in 2013.