Upcoming InWorldz Events 2013

InWorldz Physics Grid Rollout 2013

Due to be completed on 1st January 2013 if all goes to plan by Tranquillity Dexler


InWorldz booth at SXSW 2013 trade conference

Between 8th-10th March 2013 InWorldz will have a special set up booth at the SXSW 2013 trade conference in Texas (Austin) . More details visit  http://sxsw.org/interactive

Last year InWorldz hosted it’s first official InWorldz Conference for 2011. The plan is for InWorldz conferences to be held every second year. March 2014 will be the next time the conference will be hosted as it currently stands.


InWorldz 2nd Relay For Life Season 2013

It’s been mentioned that a second season of RFL of InWorldz will take place sometime during 2013. In the first quarter of 2013 there will be a call out to the grid for more committee seats to be filled and planning meetings etc to get the 2nd season started.

Hopefully there will be more regions, visitors, events and new RFL records set in 2013.


Elf Clan Fantasy Art Festival 2013

Planned for February 2013. Details will be announced very soon for this great yearly festival.


InWorldz 4th birthday 

In late March 2013 InWorldz will be celebrating it’s fourth birthday since the grid launch. Hopefully there will be other InWorldz birthday events inworld this time around to celebrate four years of InWorldz.


InWorldz reaches 100, 000 total registered users 

I predict before the end of 2013 or early 2014 total registered users will reach this milestone which will be a major achievement for InWorldz. It stands at 68, 650 total users according to the InWorldz Login Screen.

What InWorldz events will you be looking forward to during 2013? 


Top 5 SL events to look forward to in 2013


Next year on 23rd June 2013 the SL community will be celebrating the first decade of Second Life which will most likely be the biggest event on the grid during 2013. From SL9B there was mention of more regions, exhibits and lots more happening to mark this very special occasion.

Next year is the Big One. The Tenth Birthday. And, believe me, we’ll be prepared.

Because it will be Huge. There will be more sims, more exhibits, more art, more music, more of everything than ever before. We’ll be entering double figures – and we’ll be shouting to the world that Second Life is bigger and better than it ever was – a place where we have claimed our world for our imagination.

Relay For Life 2013

Next year RFL 2013 in Second Life will be taking place on Saturday 13th July 2013 from 10am SLT. Relay For Life also takes place on OpenSim over at InWorldz where a second season of RFL is planned for 2013. The biggest event for cancer research supporting in SL and InWorldz.

SLCC 2013 – (Metaverse Cultural Series 2013)

In 2013 AvaCon will be launching the new Metaverse Cultural Series which features performances and lectures highlighing the metaverse and virtual worlds. AvaCon is planning to expand the convention to include Opensim and other platforms from 2013+.

BURN2 2013

In 2013 BURN2 will be hosting seasonal annual events and the main BURN2 2013 festival in September/October time. There is mention there will be more regions, events and visitors in 2013 during BURN2 2013 season to mark the community supported event in Second Life.

Bay City 2013

In 2013 Bay City will be hosting it’s fifth Bay City Anniversary in Second Life, Mole Day, BC Fashion Week, Hot Bay City Nights, Tree Lighting and lot’s more in 2013.

Other well known SL  events happening in 2013 

  • vwbpe 2013 – 6th annual conference
  • Nova Albion 9th Anniversary
  • Fantasy Fair 2013
  • Hair Fair 2013
  • Pose Fair 2013
  • Festival of sin 2013
  • Whore couture fair 2013
  • Shoe Fair 2013
  • Vintage Fair 2013

What SL events are you looking forward to in 2013?