Christmas Expo 2012 in Second Life

Check out the amazing Second Life Christmas Expo 2012 event happening right now over at Xmas Expo sims. Christmas Expo 2012 event started on 6th December and lasts through to 19th December 2012. Around the grid everyone is getting ready for christmas which is now only a few weeks away. Christmas Expo 2012 includes christmas events, contests, awards and shopping for all. Christmas Expo 2012 started on the grid in 2011 and since then its become one of most popular Expos in Second Life.

SL Christmas Expo 2012 SLURL

The SL Xmas Expo 2012 supporting Relay For Life!

Christmas Expo 2012 SL

A Christmas Wonderland, spanning four SL regions, will set the scene for guests and shoppers, vendors and entertainers. This year, we’re pleased to be bringing our guests Naughty or Nice Gift Giveaways at every store, the annual One of a Kind Breedables Auction, and the return of the Amazing Race and Avi Choice Awards

SL Christmas Expo 2012 regions map 

SL Christmas Expo regions map 2012

Upcoming Christmas Expo 2012 Events – (SLT below)

SUNDAY – 12/9
12pm: DJ Anubis Darkwatch
4pm: Quantamis Navarathna
5pm: Grace McDunnough
6pm: SaraMarie Philly
7pm: Gina Stella
8pm: Chillee Hernandoz

MONDAY – 12/10
4pm: Maurice Mistwallow
5pm: Karter Stonecutter
6pm: Gweeb
7pm: ScarlettLa Roux

TUESDAY – 12/11
11am: DJ
5p – 7p: T1Radio.. Rockin the 80s w/ Dee Wolfe

10am: Shannon Oherlihy
11am: Carah Nitely

4pm: Sassy Nitely
5pm: Jase Branner
6pm: Mulder Watts
7pm: Therese Nightfire

THURSDAY – 12/13
10am: DJ – Amy Ferguson – 2012 Xmas Expo CD featuring Holiday music brought to us by SL musicians

4pm: Rhiannon Yuhara
5pm: Ganjo Mokeev
6pm: Prowess Rayna
7pm: Twostep Spiritwalker

8pm: DJ – Irish Breen – also on the Gorean Whip 2012 Xmas Expo CD featuring Holiday music brought to us by SL musicians

FRIDAY – 12/14
3pm:Saintess Larnia
4pm:Eliz Watanabe

5-6pm: Trader / Nuala at the Expo – T1 Radio
6-?pm: The Avi Choice Awards – inworld and on the air with T1 Radio!

?pm: Avi Choice Awards Afterparty hosted by T1 Radio!

SATURDAY – 12/15
10am: DJ Red Ryder
2-8pm: OOAK Breedables Live Auction for Relay

SUNDAY – 12/16
12pm: Lisa Brune
1pm: Marky Helstein

3-7pm: 3rd Annual ACS / RFL Holiday Ball hosted by T1Radio

MONDAY – 12/17
10am: Russell Eponym
11am: Grace McDunnough

3pm: DJ
5pm – 7pm: T1Radio – Nuala Maracas Rock n Roll Stew
7pm: Hogan Bailey & Savannah Coronet
8pm: Kitty Zeddmore

TUESDAY – 12/18
4pm: Guitarman Flanagan
5pm: Damian Carbenell
6pm: Maximillion Kleene
7pm: Frogg Marlowe & Jaycatt Nico
8 pm : Dragon in Stilettos

5-7pm: Trader Whiplash at the Expo on T1Radio
6pm: DennyMac
7pm: Lyrica Acoustic
8pm: Stella Silvansky
9pm: Tamra Sands

Will you be attending the 2nd annual Christmas Expo 2012 in Second Life ?


Early SL predictions for 2013

Check out my early list of predictions for Second Life in 2013.

  • More new Linden Lab features/products of some kind. LL focus still remains with current projects too.
  • More TPV adoption during 2013 and Mesh creation continues on the rise in 2013
  • OpenSim will continue growing in regions, active users and sign ups etc on the most popular 40 grids
  • Regions will continue to decline even further or increase up in 2013
  • Linden Lab won’t be sold or acquired by another company in 2013
  • Linden Lab will either lower the tier/ increase or keep it the same during 2013
  • Linden Lab to release a SL app for mobile devices in 2013
  • New improvements for better performance and stability in 2013

Checklist of my 2012 predictions I made last year.

  • SL user concurrency to reach between 90, 000 to 100, 000 before 2013 – Failed – SL user concurrency failed to reach 75, 000 this year and remained flat during 2012
  • OpenSim & InWorldz will continue to grow – Pass – OpenSim regions, active users and sign ups increased a lot this year on the top popular 40 OpenSim grids
  • Windows 8 compatibility for SL before 2013 – Pass – Windows 8 works on almost all SL viewers and by the end of 2014 I think all SL viewers will be compatible with Windows 8.
  • Linden Lab works on other projects outside SL – Pass –  Linden Lab worked on new products in 2012: Creatorverse, Patterns, Dio and Versu
  • More big announcements – Pass SL9B was made community supported,  SLCC 2012 was cancelled this year,  SL JIRA format changed, Linden Lab stopped publishing Second Life economy figures and Linden Lab removed Viewer 1.23.5 from SL wiki page this year
  • Second Life gets rebranded and relaunched during 2012 – FailedI don’t think this happened this year
  • Second Life will see growth during 2012 – Failed – I don’t think this happened this year
  • More sims/places closing out from lack of money or interest – PassStar Wars regionABC Island, The Yard, ISTE Island, Cartoonimals, 1000+ avatars project locations and Pop Art Lab region
  • Second Life gets bought out by another company – Failed – I don’t think this happened this year
  • TPV adoption and Mesh continues on the rise – PassIncreased a lot this year I think but I’m not sure on the percentage right now
  • Linden Lab to either reduce/increase tier before 2013 – FailedStayed the same during 2012
  • Rodvik will change his avatar appearance – Pass – I think Rodvik changed his avatar a few times in 2012

Do you have any early Second Life predictions for 2013 ? I would love to hear them in comments!