Update on total net loss in private estates so far in 2012

Tyche Shepherd posts a weekly update about regions counts in Second Life during the past week on SLUniverse Forums and this week I wanted to share the current total net loss in private estates since 1st January 2012. Apparently the last time it was this low was back in July 2008 and April 2009.

  • Total number of Main Grid regions is now 28, 254 ( 21168 private estates & 7086 Linden owned)
  • The total net loss in private estates since January 1st this year is now 2689 , a decline of 11.3%

I think it’s very alarming there is a big decline of 11.3% in private estates in Second Life in 2012 so far and it does not look good at all for the future of the grid if rates continue as they are. I really do hope private estates will pick up again in 2013 however I do trust Tyche Shepherd on posting these figures of the SL economy.

I’ll publish another update at the end of December 2012/early 2013.