Book Island $1000L raffle & fifth anniversary celebrations

Book Island are celebrating their fifth anniversary celebrations this month and they are hosting a series of exciting events to celebrate this amazing milestone in Second Life. There is a  $1000L raffle that has just opened on Book Island and there will be a treasure hunt in Second Life.

Teleport to Book Island!

Folks, Our $1000L raffle has just opened. Come take a chance at the Kick off Raffle that starts our Treasure Hunt, just a part of Book Island’s Fifth Anniversary Celebrations! 

Special fifth anniversary celebrations will take place between Saturday 19th May to Saturday 26th May 2012 on Book Island. Check out the exciting event schedule below…

Noob Gallery: SLURL
A display of pictures — How We Looked Back Then 🙂

Tours & Treasure: SLURL
For the whole month of May we’ll have LimoTours of our Island.
Also, for the whole month, a Big Treasure Hunt with multiple prizes

A snapshot of Book Island dance area where dance parties will take place.

May 19th
At 1:15pm SLT:
Launch of Official 5th Anniversary Celebrations —
Selina Greene, our owner, will be giving a very special talk about the early days and growth of Book Island. Don’t Miss It!

At 2:00pm SLT:
Famed DJ, Izzy Upsilon will begin his Rockin’ Dance. Door Prizes for the best Noob or Pirate costumes 🙂
Though Izzy Upsilon comes in many physical variations and varieties, some things never change. One is his talent for producing short pieces of fiction and poetry.
The other is his ability to captivate an audience with his music playing ability in the DJ Booth.

May 23rd
12:00pm SLT:
Watch a writer at work 🙂
Aianna Oh will treat us all to a Live Writing Event. She’ll take some prompts for a Fantasy story from the audience then proceed to write a complete story in text chat!

2:00pm SLT – Cocktail/Soiree/Beach/Dance Party!
Fireworks, Beach Sports, Food & Drink.

May 26th:
2:00pm SLT – Dance with Brendan Shoreland,
Well-known vocalist and guitarist. He’s delivered more than six hundred Second Life performances and has always remained true to his principle that live music should be exactly that. No backing tracks and no special effects; just one voice and one guitar emanating from south-west England.

3:15pm SLT – Singer Layna Chrome.
Layna’s voice is that of an angel but don’t take her lightly.
She can get down and dirty on a dime. She’s a full range vocalist with sound waves that resonate to pure delight. This is a must see / hear show. If you’ve ever wondered what this life is for – Layna’s singing is your answer.


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