20 amazing places to visit InWorldz, May 2012

 A InWorldz guide to 20 amazing places to visit and explore during May 2012. Download and install the InWorldz viewer (under the Downloads drop down menu) to visit the blue landmarks below.
InWorldz Map at 7:30am SLT today (2nd May 2012)
Happy Exploring! 😀
  1. InWorldz Desert Island – The starting point for any new resident. Mentors and friendly people!
  2. InWorldz Sandbox – (4 regions) – You may build, use SI, test scripts here, but all objects are returned within 2 hours.
  3. InWorldz Event A, B, C & D – (4 regions) – This is Sim A, the 1st of our four InWorldz Sponsored Events . Watch InWorldz Forum postings, and notices in the official “InWorldz Events Committee Group and postings at InWorldz Desert Island for Upcoming Events Info.
  4. The Raglan Shire Great Tree – The Tinies of Raglan Shire are growing a City in a Giant Tree! Dances, aos, abranimations, skins, textures, clothing, tiny avatars, art, gestures, fun!
  5. Equinox – Seasonal Activities, Shops and Residential opportunities in the Magellans
  6. Morning Coffee – OPEN 24/7 ,, CHAT,, INFO,, FRIENDS.
  7. Isla Draconia – Land of the Dragons! – The Dragon invasion of InWorldz begins!
  8. Steam City Unique Mall – Adventure Island, Steam City shops and entertainment . 3 levels of unique one of a kind shops, not just last years cookie cutter mall. Steampunk, Victorian, Grunge, Tinies, Fairies, , Pirate shops & more.
  9. Talon Faire – Eyelashes, Hair, Skins, Jewelry, Steampunk, Home Decor, FP & C/M anims!. This and more- find it today @ Talon Faire. Romatic Gardens to explore and Mermaid Undersea play! Visit the shrine to Kuan Yin and meditate or pray.
  10. Full Perm Sculpties – Grand Opening!
  11. Dragon Isle – Friendly, funny, caring tinies are your hosts on Dragon Isle. We’re here to build, learn, dance, play, and enjoy life. Please do remember that this is a place for every person with a good heart, and we expect that our visitors will follow suit. WAFFLE!
  12. MOOVILLE- Live* Work *Play – A lovely place  to  be. Nice  folks, great shops ,  good times. Garden Center, general store, textures , ethnic Skins, Makeup, household decorations, animations.
  13. Bellissima Square – A Beautiful upscale indoor shopping mall featuring 40 of Inworldz finest creators.
  14. Gulliver’s Travels – Explore the camp site and have fun
  15. THE HARBOUR– Live music, dance couples, line dance, entertainment, relax, romantic, fun, outdoor club, blues coundtry, oldies, jazz, open 24/7.
  16. Shenandoah wildlife & Fisheries – Animal Development Center and Shelter, preserve and store for the adoption of animals for any build.
  17. The Victoriana Hedgemaze – Explore the amazing tall maze InWorldz
  18. Echooo’s Wonderland – An Alice In Wonderland themed sim, open to ALL….and we won’t be rude and kick you out if you come to our land exploring!!!
  19. Clare Island – Eirinn – An Authentic Irish sim featuring MolliMalones Irish bar, with a real Irish Radio station.
  20. Bali by Bladax – Welcome to Bali, Bali Ballroom and gardens. for sale; furniture, prefab homes stores, kitchens,bathrooms, building supplies, clothing, tatoos, artwork,jewelry,dishes, candles, magical items, places to explore, underwater area for merfolk, come relax.
My experience of InWorldz so far

I signed up to InWorldz on 2nd September 2010 when there was 12, 274 total users, 96 users online and 499 regions on the grid. I was using InWorldz viewer 1.0.0 (10) back then and today i’m using version 1.4.4. I do like to log reqularly into InWorldz and see whats happening in terms of events and news. I love InWorldz because there is a great friendly community, its growing, theres new features being added and the experience has been very good,  I’m excited about the future for InWorldz and i’m glad to be apart of one of the popular opensim grids out there today.

Check out my InWorldz collection of SL photos since September 2010.

Are you using InWorldz and what is your experience been like so far?


13 thoughts on “20 amazing places to visit InWorldz, May 2012

  1. I took the plunge and bought some land in InWorldz last December. Like you say, one of it’s greatest features are the community, who for the most part are seasoned grid travellers and are very much supportive of everybody’s efforts as the grid grows. There is a community spirit that exists there that I can only compare to the early days of SL, where everybody wants to help everybody because if one person/group does well then the grid grows. This is backed up by the Founders who care passionately for their residents and their grid and whose ethos is to give residents what they need followed by what they want in as quick as time as possible between the two demands. Add to that hugely cheaper land and much much higher prim allowance and it really is a place where creators and prim whores can let go of the reins and express themselves on a huge scale. With the anticipated arrival of PhysX then IW will be ready to challenge all-comers. Yes, I may sound like a fanboi, but this place inspires and gives you confidence for its future.

    SL is now a place I use to do some socialising, but InWorldz is where my heart, commitment and money is. To add to some of the places that you have highlighted I would strongly urge people to visit Castle Marlar on The Land of Lar and also Castle Argonath & New Stratford both situated on the sim – Belfalas.

    If people would like to see some of the above creations/builds and other places then I have an InWorldz set of pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/sy_beck/sets/72157628824343393/


      1. Inworldz shows there true hate to competition By having a Inworldz sponsored event and allowing a private inworldz avi ban designers show. So why even bring your product there if you know the founders are backing one a one horse show. sad day to see the many designers ban from a show because the person running the show is the founders best friend.
        makes you think why invest in it.
        think about it you have a designer put a show on sponsored by IW and allow that allure company to ban there competition and rivals from the show
        yes the virtual world at it’s finest.


  2. Thanks for the great mention of Clare Island Eirinn, Inworldz is an awesome place with many wonderful regions to visit. Cheers Cherry


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