SL9B resident centralised birthday formal announcement

As expected there was a SL9B resident centralised birthday formal announcement yesterday on Prim Perfect’s blog about the birthday celebrations next month. Great to hear that the SL9B community supported birthday event opening will start from 11am SLT on Monday 18th June until Sunday 24th June 2012. The SL9B theme for this resident centralised birthday is community which was specified by Linden Lab last month. Thanks to Saffia Widdershins and the team for making this happen. 🙂

The SL9B logo

Dream Seeker Estates have kindly donated ten sims for this SL9B resident centralised birthday which is fantastic news. I have already applied on the SL9B community event site to be a SL9B Greeter and also the Public Relations role which i’m much looking forward to. I’ll be uploading snapshots on my SL Flickr stream and will be posting updates from SL9B on my SL social sites. Spread the word about this! 🙂

SL9B Key Dates

  • Applications open                        NOW!
  • Applications close                       3rd June
  • Exhibitors start building           4th June
  • Exhibitors Finish Building        16th June
  • Technical Rehearsal                    17th June
  • SL9B Opening                                 18th June 11am SLT
  • Entertainment starts                   18th June 12pm SLT
  • Entertainment finishes               24th June
  • Exhibts close                                  27th June

A month+ left to go! 

I found out that there will be special resident made SL9B cake and a SL9B capsule made. There will be a big main stage and other music stages nearby in the ten sims. There will be new freebies and gifts to take away at SL9B. There will be tv broadcasts, bloggers, djs and more during the duration of this SL9B community event.

SL9B Resources

I’m really excited about SL9B!