Happy Fourth Bay City SL Anniversary!

Bay City turns four years old today in Second Life and the big celebrations start today. Last year roughly 60+ avatars marched in the parade and this year i’m sure there will be many more attending the parade. Bay City opened in early May 2008 and since then the Bay City community has increased. If you have not yet visited then I strongly recommend you exploring these amazing Bay City regions in Second Life this year. Everyone is welcome at the fourth Bay City SL anniversary today.

Bay City today has doubled in size since May 2008 because of last year’s Bay City merger with the former TG regions which was the right decision I think. Happy 4th Birthday Bay City! 

Event Schedule

  • Parade lineup starts at 12pm SLT at the bandshell in Bay City in Harwich
  • Parade starts officially down Route 66 from 12:30pm SLT. 
  • Parade finishes at North Channel at around 1:30pm SLT. 
  • Live concert starts at 1:30pm SLT at North Channel featuring many big performances and The Golden Tigers (acrobatic team) will be making a flyover at the fairground. 
History of Bay City
Will you be attending ?