SL9B countdown continues to tick down

There are now 18 days left until the grand opening of the resident run supported SL9B community event which takes place in Second Life on 18th June 2012. Already the 20 sims for this event are starting to take good shape and exhibitors will be starting building for SL9B from 4th to 16th June 2012. The SL9B team are currently going through applications. You will be contacted ASAP!

For SL10B there is talk of planning will take place in early 2013 and hopefully with community support there will be more regions etc.

I will be taking snapshots the SL9B regions to share the progress of the sims via the map. Check out today’s snapshot showing the SL9B parcels being created and other related builds for SL9B. In the next few weeks you can expect the regions to full up and starting to look fantastic.

Today logging into Second Life it looks like Linden Lab are now wanting the SL community to submit events for SL9B if you are planning a celebration of any sort. You can submit SL9B events to the Destination Guide Suggestion Page.

This year I am a SL9B Greeter, SL9B Flickr/Twitter/Blog admin and a member of the SL9B press team. I’m really excited about the SL community SL9B event and i’m looking forward to enjoying/covering the birthday celebrations when the sims open to the public next month.

While we wait for the grand opening you can watch the funny SL9B – The Angel Of Death videos uploaded by Crap Mariner. Watch the latest video #9 below showing a sneak preview of the SL9B sims.

Updated SL9B Key Dates

  • Applications open                        NOW!
  • Applications close                       3rd June
  • Notification for Exhibitors        3rd June
  • Exhibitors start building           4th June
  • Exhibitors Finish Building        16th June
  • Performers and DJs Notified    10th June
  • Other Volunteers Notified         11th June
  • Technical Rehearsal                   17th June
  • SL9B Opening & Keynote           18th June 11am SLT
  • Entertainment starts                  18th June 12pm SLT
  • Entertainment finishes              24th June
  • Exhibts close                                27th June

SL9B Useful Links