27 days until SL9B Community Event

The clock continues to tick down until the big day when Second Life turns nine years old. Next year Second Life will mark a decade and i’m sure its going to be even bigger for SL10B. For now the resident SL9B Community Event now has 20 sims and preparations are now taking place to get the sims ready for the first exhibitor builds starting on 4th June until 16th June 2012. Join The SLB Community group with (135 members) in the group. Join for news updates on SL9B and for more details visit the SL9B blog regularly.I’m really excited about this SL9B Community Event. 🙂

Latest blog post from the SL9B blog > Update and Some Info > 22nd May 2012

Crap Mariner has uploaded some great SL9B videos and there are more on the way as the days go by.