Linden Lab releases new Viewer 3 user interface

On 18th October 2011 Oz Linden added a new Beta Candidate to the SL wiki Downloading test builds page. Viewer 3.2.0 beta viewer now has a new user interface which looks good. Today I downloaded and installed the new beta version which seems to working fine on my pc. I like the customization and the new features added in this release.

When I logged in I noticed that there was no sidebar and that’s because Linden Lab have replaced it with new customized panels. A big majority of SL users wanted the sidebar to be removed in the early releases-recent releases of Viewer 2 and now most of which have moved to third-party viewers instead.  Many liked Viewer 1 for many reasons and now with this new release perhaps users will start returning to Viewer 3.

New changes

  • New panels have been added left of the viewer and at the bottom
  • New Avatar picker added to left panels
  • Notifications now appear top right of the screen
  • New Received Items in Inventory > when purchasing things from the marketplace
  • Dashboard & Toolbars added to the Me menu
  • New Destinations Guide on the bottom toolbar
  • Shop button added to top toolbar
  • There’s much more!

The new Viewer 3 user interface


Looking at the new Avatars picker 

Dashboard & Toolbars have been added to Me menu 

New How To basics 

New Destinations Guide 

Basic Chat bar 

Here are some mixed reactions from the SL community about the new Viewer 3 user interface.


  • I like it
  • It looks good
  • Looks promising
  • It’s running pretty smoothly
  • Not happy with another change
  • Not so good for performace
  • There are significant bugs
  • Slightly behind firestorm with regards to the toolbar/ sidebar
Try out this new user interface and see what you think of it. Feedback is welcome in comments! 🙂





4 thoughts on “Linden Lab releases new Viewer 3 user interface

  1. ok, i just did sort my most used buttons, i didnt no what i saw first place , but not a bad idea to let people deside wish side they want buttons and wish buttons, only problem i have now is that IM and group boxes show top right screen , and thats just the place where i have a hud, and i miss alot ims now not used to look on top screen, it would be nice if we could place that to where we want ( or i did miss that part, but i cant find it now ) and i miss the option to chat public in the main, now im forced to chat in a box wish covers my screen for a part as whel again
    but so far its not bad at all ,


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