Official Second Life Facebook page reaches 190k fans milestone

Today the official Second Life Facebook page reached the 190k milestone of Second Life fans/likes. There’s around 10, 000 new fans joining the SL FB page every month it seems. At the current rate I think the 200K fan will join the SL FB page at the start of November 2011 if trends continue on the increase. I joined the Second Life Facebook page months ago and I do like to read whats going on when I log into my SL Facebook account. It’s interesting to read the comments and read the important LL announcements.

The Second Life Facebook page is intended to provide a place for fans of Second Life to discuss relevant topics of interest.

This is the Second Life community Fan Page and you’re encouraged to leave relevant comments, photos, videos, and links here.

This graph shows Fans Over the last 30 Days which shows a larger increase in fans since early September 2011.

I have noted the numbers down of FB SL page users at various times of 2011 and I will continue to write the stats down during 2012 to see how things compare.

  • 111,000 – February 2011
  • 121, 037 – 8th March 2011
  • 140,434 – May 2011
  • 162,780 – 19th July 2011
  • 175, 301 – 23rd August 2011
  • 190, 159 – 6th October 2011

Q. What do you think of the Official Second Life Facebook page ?