Rodvik Humble releases details about new UI changes for Second Life

Apparently there will be new UI changes coming soon to Second Life by the end of October 2011, according to Rodvik Humble. Rodvik mentioned UI and GUI changes on 3rd October in response to CEO Rodvik Humble Shares What’s New in Second Life blog posting on the SLUniverse Forums.

This is exciting news I think. I have impressed with what Rodvik has been doing to Second Life during the course of 2011 and the future looks encouraging as we near 2012.  At SLCC 2011 Rodvik did mention that there was going to be new improvements to Viewer 2 UI soon.

What do you think about new UI changes that Rodvik has mentioned ?

Hitomi: Oh come on, you gotta give me the growth one  Large amounts of new users coming organically AND signing up as Premium customers? Sure they are not yet putting in the hours of long term users nor yet progressing into making things as much as I want (yet) but I havent claimed that.

For the UI changes. First you will see a merge of the modes. (basically click to move + new camera coming into advanced which you can turn to old way if you like). That should be End of this month.

Next a large GUI change for all our users. Yup we are taking another crack at UI design again…(Moria drums)

So in fairly short order you will be enjoying a new Linden Lab UI AND new features to help things run amok inworld.

Good or bad it will be glorious