Flufee on a Meshion – Episode 4

Doom and gloom, deathwatching AND hype-busting are the hallmark of many SL Blogs, Silicon Valley press & British yellow rags… Flufee is highly disturbed by the fact that none of the glorious new SL features and successes get featured in the mainstream media and sets out to seek revenge! Enter 2 very special guests from realms hitherto unchartered and let the story unfold….

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Linden Lab releases new Viewer 3 user interface

On 18th October 2011 Oz Linden added a new Beta Candidate to the SL wiki Downloading test builds page. Viewer 3.2.0 beta viewer now has a new user interface which looks good. Today I downloaded and installed the new beta version which seems to working fine on my pc. I like the customization and the new features added in this release.

When I logged in I noticed that there was no sidebar and that’s because Linden Lab have replaced it with new customized panels. A big majority of SL users wanted the sidebar to be removed in the early releases-recent releases of Viewer 2 and now most of which have moved to third-party viewers instead.  Many liked Viewer 1 for many reasons and now with this new release perhaps users will start returning to Viewer 3.

New changes

  • New panels have been added left of the viewer and at the bottom
  • New Avatar picker added to left panels
  • Notifications now appear top right of the screen
  • New Received Items in Inventory > when purchasing things from the marketplace
  • Dashboard & Toolbars added to the Me menu
  • New Destinations Guide on the bottom toolbar
  • Shop button added to top toolbar
  • There’s much more!

The new Viewer 3 user interface


Looking at the new Avatars picker 

Dashboard & Toolbars have been added to Me menu 

New How To basics 

New Destinations Guide 

Basic Chat bar 

Here are some mixed reactions from the SL community about the new Viewer 3 user interface.


  • I like it
  • It looks good
  • Looks promising
  • It’s running pretty smoothly
  • Not happy with another change
  • Not so good for performace
  • There are significant bugs
  • Slightly behind firestorm with regards to the toolbar/ sidebar
Try out this new user interface and see what you think of it. Feedback is welcome in comments! 🙂