Builders Brewery big glitch hits 16, 700 group members

Prim Perfect reports today that Builders Brewery group was hit by a big SL glitch that apparently resulted in 16, 700 people being kicked from the group. This morning only 434 remained according the Builders Brewery website. My advice to affected members is to check that you are still in the group and if not to rejoin ASAP. 🙂

News Alert! Please Read

Today, during SL was having some serious issues that caused our sims to have several glitches. 
During this time, our group bot got stuck in constant ejection mode, thus causing a mass eject.

We went from being the largest building group in Second Life of 16,700+ members, to only 434 this morning. 😦
Because the Builders Brewery needs these numbers to help sustain the school, we need your help more than ever, if we are to continue.

PLEASE rejoin, invite others, and get the word out. 
LL is slow to respond, they are not sure if they can help yet, so we’re going through the process. We’ll keep you posted


copy and paste this link in your local chat window to pull up the group join window


That’s alot a big loss in SL group members by any means. The hope now is for members to rejoin again and for the SL community to spread the word. Join Builders Brewery today for the very best resources on the grid.

We’ve received a message from DeAnn Dufaux, one of the instructors at Builders Brewery – the amazing resource and training centre for builders – and just plain users – in Second Life.

It seems that Builders Brewery has had a bad glitch effect from Linden Lab’s asset-server bugging out. It’s resulted in 16,700 people being kicked from their very popular group. If you were a member, you should now rejoin – and they are saying that if you know anyone who was likely to be a member, they would very much appreciate it if you’d let them know that they can now rejoin.

Builders Brewery is known for SL classes, textures & building supplies and loved for the best content creators groups in Second Life. It’s a popular destination for builders and scripters.