Linden Lab adds Messages feature to SL social web profiles

Linden Lab have now added a new Messages feature on SL social web profiles. This is a good communication addition I think that the lab have introduced to the new profiles this year. There is a inbox method and profile method to send messages out to friends.

I have noticed that when I receive messages they appear to be in my gmail inbox too. The IM feature still needs work done to it I think so that everyone can chat without having the need of logging into SL. The Messages feature is fast, simple and there is room for options.

Inbox method

  1. Inbox > Send Message > Search by username 
  2. Enter a friend’s username > Enter message
  3. Send Message 
Profile method
  1. Open up friends profile > Click on drawing pen icon > Send Message
What do you think of the new Messages feature ? 

Fill out the BURN2 survey to improve the experience in 2012

Fill out this new BURN2 survey in order to improve the experience in 2012. There is a short list of questions to answer. When done press Submit then the survey will be sent to the BURN2 team. Woooot!!!!

BURN2 Participant Survey

A nice message after you have submitted the survey.