Governance User Group discontinued

The monthly Governance User Group meetings have now ended according to Tommy Linden. The Governance user group has been removed from the User Groups wiki page today and on the Second Life Public Calendar. Tommy Linden has said this on the Second Life Forums todayat this time there is no scheduled user groups for Governance, the majority of questions asked at the user group meetings are questions that we are just no going to be able to answer“.

Tommy goes on to mention “information regarding action taken, DMCA, or other Resident specific information that we will not discuss due to privacy policy, or it being outside the scope of the Governance team“.

The monthly Governance meetings were useful really for those that wanted to discuss issues around in-world abuse, abuse reports, forum reports, marketplace reports etc. It’s a shame they are no longer happening.

Tommy Linden and the Governance team are exploring other better options to share updates etc. It looks unlikely Governance user group meetings inworld will return anytime soon.

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