Skill Gaming User Group With Corky Linden

Corky Linden will be hosting Skill Gaming User Group meetings starting Tuesday 14th September 2021 then every 2nd Tuesday after that. These Skill Gaming User Group meetings will be 11am to 12pm SLT over at Gaming Island.

The focus will be about the Skill Gaming Program mainly and how to be part of the SLSG Program. This is a good opportunity to ask questions about the processes, known issues or concerns.

User group meetings are hosted by a handful of Lindens covering different areas of Second Life from content creation, land, web, server, open development and more.

Full Schedule

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Firestorm Project Turns 11

Firestorm Viewer Log On Screen – September 2021

The Firestorm Project reached it’s 11th anniversary on 3rd September 2021 which is another big milestone. The Firestorm viewer is one of the most popular and most used third party viewers out there today. I personally use the Firestorm viewer for all things Second Life and sometimes I log into OpenSim grids. I think the Firestorm team have done a great job on maintaining and improving the Firestorm viewer with new updates through the years.

The Firestorm team have announced that there will be a big party happening at 11am on Sunday 26th September 2021. There will be epic gifts (some limited collectors items) from content creators from across the grid. More details will be announced soon on the Firestorm Viewer website.

Here are some happy memories from the past…

Firestorm Beta 2 – July 2011
Firestorm support region – 2012
Firestorm third anniversary – September 2013
Firestorm 5th anniversary – September 2015
Christmas Forest – December 2018

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