LEA officially closing down at the end of August 2019

LEA regions – 20th July

On Thursday 18th July the Linden Endowment for the Arts Committee announced that the LEA regions in Second Life will be officially closing down at the end of August 2019. The LEA Land Grant was closed by Linden Lab back in January 2019. Just a small number of the committee stayed on to administer the LEA Core regions for the remaining grant commitments apparently. Those grants are now coming to an end and the decision has been made to shut down at the end of next month.

The Committee of the Linden Endowment for the Arts regrets to inform residents of Second Life that the LEA regions will be closing at the end of August 2019.
In November 2018, the Committee decided that the best way forward was for the members to step down, and allow Linden Lab to revamp or re-organise the program, with new members if they wished.
At that time, the bi-annual Land Grant (the AIR regions) were shuttered. A small number of the Committee stayed on to administer the Core Regions until the remaining grant commitments ran their course. Those grants are now coming to an end, and therefore the LEA will be closed at the end of August 2019
It will be sad to see the LEA program be closed down and it will be missed by the Second Life community. LEA was founded back in 2010 then had it’s first events in 2011. The arts community and Linden Lab have shared a successful venture (exhibitions, programs & events) over the years showcasing the very best arts on the grid. LEA inspired a huge number of people to participate over the years in promoting arts in Second Life.
I think Linden Lab should start a brand new program after LEA closes next month to support the arts community showcase their amazing work. If the lab decide not to continue support then it would be very sad and a huge mistake. Today there are so many talented artists that would love the opportunity to showcase their work in Second Life.

Tilia Town Hall starts 1pm SLT on Friday 12th July

Town Hall Islands

Linden Lab today announced there will be a special Second Life Town Hall Event happening on Friday 12th July starting at 1pm SLT/PDT. This town hall event will be held on the Town Hall regions in Second Life.

This is a great opportunity to learn about Tilia which “will soon be handling certain aspects of the Second Life service that will help us comply with U.S. laws and regulations via enhanced regulatory compliance protocols”.

Grumpity Linden (Senior Director of Product) and Patch Linden (Senior Director of Product Operations) will be answering questions about Tilia.

Last Day of SL16B

Today is the last day to visit the SL16B regions before they disappear for another year. It’s been another great birthday celebration organised by Linden Lab and the Moles. The exhibits have been awesome and the live events have been great once again.

The meet the linden live sessions were very popular this year. I loved the free gifts area, the preview of the new camper van park, the new Linden homes and the love heart shaped area. I enjoyed greeting visitors at various points around the birthday regions and giving out useful information. 

The countdown will start tomorrow for SL17B. I can’t wait to see what will happen for next year. 

What did you enjoy about SL16B this year ? 

Catch up with the Meet the Linden live sessions from this week

SL4Live – TV on YouTube has successfully managed to record all of the Meet the Linden live sessions from this week at the SL16B celebrations. If you missed any of the live sessions this week then you can catch up with them all below in day order.

Monday 24th June – Patch Linden

Tuesday 25th June – Oz Linden and April Linden

Wednesday 26th – Ebbe Linden

Thursday 27th – Xiola Linden and Strawberry Linden

Friday 28th June – The Moles will be speaking live tomorrow from 2pm SLT at the SL16B Auditorium.