9/11: 20 years later

This is a special tribute post for remembering 9/11 that happened 20 years ago today. 2,997 lives were lost on Tuesday 11th September 2001 and they will never be forgotten. Thousands of people are still suffering today from the toxic dust. Many already have long term health problems with many diagnosed with cancer etc. RIP to all that have sadly passed away from dust over the past 20 years.

There will be many 20th anniversary 9/11 events happening today in Second Life. Time to come together and remember.

I was school in the UK when I first heard about the terrorist attacks and one of the teachers was told about what was unfolding live in New York. A tv on wheels came into the classroom where everyone was in shock then shortly afterwards the school day ended. I got back home that afternoon and turned on the tv to continue watching the live news coverage. It was really sad and it must of been terrible for those people effected on 9/11.

There was no social media back then on 9/11 and must were using dial-up moderns to stay connected. Most watched the news channels through their tv sets. Smart phones were not around so the best way to find out about everything was using the telephone/telephone boxes. Although evil acts of terror took the lives of thousands America stood tall shoulder-to-shoulder and the spirit of the nation prevailed since the attacks.

Remembering those killed on 9/11 from Ground Zero

  • President Biden will be on hand for part of the ceremony at the World Trade Center site later on today

We will never forget!