New Sansar Creator Preview Video

This week a new promotional video of Sansar Creator Preview was uploaded on the official Sansar YouTube channel showing another sneak preview of Sansar.

The video runs for 1 minute and 38 seconds which is definitely worth watching if you interested in Sansar. “Ria shares her thoughts on this new platform and offers a sneak peek at “Little Giant,” one of the first experiences created with Sansar during the creator preview”.

Linden Lab have sent out even more invites to Second Life users in recent days according to various sources. Once you receive the Welcome to Sansar Creator Preview email, accept the invitation and then you are ready to get started with Sansar.

4 thoughts on “New Sansar Creator Preview Video

  1. Interesting video. As a long time SL user I’m curious about Sansar but I see no reason to even try it when the open beta comes online.

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  2. Hmmm… I don’t know what all the the excitement is about Daniel
    I have not met 1 single person yet that is willing to wear one of these ridiculous head sets for more than 20 minutes or so.

    JayR Cela :_(

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