Freebies at Grendel’s Children

Grendel’s Children in Second Life is well known destination since 2006 for amazing full/custom avatars from dragons, dinosaurs, robots and much more. There is a small area at the base of Grendel’s Children with many cool freebies to collect. Other nearby avatars prices range from 1L to 250L+ which can be found on the many different plaform levels of Grendel’s Children. I strongly recommend this historical and amazing destination in Second Life if you are new or if you are already in Second Life. It’s time to get a great range of FREEBIES!

Teleport to Grendel’s Children freebies area

Grendel's Children freebies

Exceptional Avatars ~ Reasonable Prices ~ Since 2006 !!

Grendel's Children freebies

Grendel’s Children has full avatars you won’t find anywhere else, including dragons, werewolves, demons, dinosaurs, pets and more! You’ll also find new skins that can enhance (or completely change) your avatar’s appearance. More info:

Grendel's Children freebies

Check out my Grendel’s Children snapshot taken today showing the the different levels of avatars and welcome point. It’s just a incredible place to visit and it’s one of my top favourites.

Grendel's Children 2013

Join the Grendel’s Wanderers group in Second Life to keep updated on new avatars and developments. There is a mailing list and links at the welcome point to check out. The main avatar areas are coded in blue, red, green and yellow to visit. Join the Grendel’s Children Flickr group for free showing more detailed snapshots.

Happy adventures at Grendel’s Children!


5 thoughts on “Freebies at Grendel’s Children

    1. I’ve been visiting Grendel’s Children since late 2008 and i’m really impressed by the whole experience. Most of my inventory is full of Grendel’s Children avatars and every avatar is just awesome. I’m glad its still open for public access and its still popular in Second Life today.


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