Kitely Market due to open in the first week of September 2013

Ilan Tochner who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kitely mentions in this week’s Kitely Mentors Group Meeting that the Kitely Market will be open for business prior to 7th-8th September 2013. More details will be announced during the first OpenSim conference.

The Kitely Market was open to merchants back in early May 2013 in a pre-release version. Merchants can set up their stores and add products. View the Kitely Market documention details here.

Open to Kitely Merchants currently >

Kitely Market 2013

New Kitely stats for July 2013 via Hypergrid Business update on opensim grids.

  • 493 active users
  • 4, 241 regions
  • Gained 995 new members
  • Population Total users is now 12, 260

Are you excited about the opening of the Kitely Market ? 


4 thoughts on “Kitely Market due to open in the first week of September 2013

  1. I like this grid more and more as time goes on. And I am one who is very leary of commercial grids.

    The owners are very, very transparent and this grid offers a wonderful blend of things we can do in opensim using our own simulators and aspects of commercialism.

    They plan on implementing delivery out to the Metaverse also which is going to explode sales for people and really expand things in several regards.

    Everyone is given a free limited use region which is pretty darn cool.

    At the very least one should make an account if they wish to reserve their name[s] since if someone does not see any reason to go there now, then they likely will soon.


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