Press Release: OpenSimulator Community Conference Needs Participants for Grid Load Test


OpenSimulator Community Conference Needs Participants for Grid Load Test

July 1, 2013 – Organizers of the first annual OpenSimulator Community Conference are planning a large-scale load test of the OpenSimulator conference grid on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at Noon PDT.  The conference will take place entirely within an OpenSimulator virtual world designed specifically for the event, and conference organizers are inviting members of the community to help push the conference grid to its limits on Tuesday to test the capacity and performance of the simulator software and hardware.

“Our goal is to accommodate as many people as possible on the conference grid,” explained Justin Clark-Casey, co-chair of the conference, “so we need to test the grid in advance to make sure our configuration settings are optimized for the best performance.”

Anyone interested in the conference or the OpenSimulator software is welcome to participate in the load test of the conference grid, by making a jump from any other hypergrid enabled OpenSimulator grid.  The focus of this load test will be fitting as many hypergrid participants on the keynote regions of the conference grid as possible.

“We not only want to test the capacity of the grid itself, but we also want to examine the network traffic for hypergrid visitors,” said conference organizer Michael Cerquoni.

For more details and information about how to participate in the load test, visit the OpenSimulator Community Conference 2013 website at


OpenSimulator is an open-source platform that supports the creation of collaborative, immersive, distributed and social 3D virtual environments over the Internet. Started in 2007 and developed by individuals and organizations large and small, it has become a versatile system with which anyone can experiment.  OpenSimulator software is now the basis for many “grids” of varying sizes and purposes.

The Overte Foundation is a non-profit organization that manages contribution agreements for the OpenSimulator project.  In the future, it will also act to promote and support both OpenSimulator and the wider open-source 3D virtual environment ecosystem.

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