VWBPE 2013 Schedule is now available

The VWBPE 2013 Schedule is now available to view which takes place next week. Check out the new calendar tool which apparently lets you register for sessions. On the calendar you can change the format view and browse through various categories this year which is a great idea. It’s very nice looking and its easy to navigate around I think.

The conference will be covered in Second Life, OpenSim/Jokadia, Unity/Jibe and Cloud Party which has never been done before. Hopefully the conference will be a big success and in future years the conference can expand further. Feedback is key this year!

The first big event on Wednesday 24th July which is the Opening Keynotes at 7am-8am PDT/SLT at the VWBPE central regions in Second Life. The host is Alice Krueger (SL: Gentle Heron) who will be talking about The Role of the Educator, Then and Now, There and Here.

First preview of the VWBPE 2013 Schedule

VWBPE 2013 Schedule

Will you be attending VWBPE 2013


Rod Humble plays with Oculus Rift in Second Life

This week a new photo has been released showing Rod Humble playing with the Oculus Rift in Second Life which looks really interesting and exciting. Oculus Rift will hopefully bring more people into Second Life which should be great news. There is potential here and its the next big thing for SL I think. I’m glad to see Rod is having fun and testing it out.

Good progress is being made and more testing needs to be done apparently.

Oculus Rift is expected for a public launch in late summer 2013. It’s almost here!