VWBPE 2013 preparations continue

Later this month VWBPE 2013 will open officially in Second Life on the VWBPE regions. Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education is an open conference event organized by the best educators in Second Life to discuss virtual worlds and technologies. See FAQ for more information. This year the conference will be massive than in previous years and hopefully more visitors will visit this year during the long weekend of interesting educational live presentations.

Work preparations are still going on and now there are about 2 weeks to go until conference starts. Earlier in 2013 the official VWBPE 2013 website was redesigned and today it looks really nice. On the right hand side of the VWBPE 2013 website there are social media links to connect up to get the latest updates. Check out the pages and be part of the conference this year!

Event Detals

  • Grand Opening: 24th July to 27th July 2013
  • Theme: Beyond the Stage
  • Live Coverage: Second Life, OpenSim/Jokadia, Cloud Party and Unity/Jibe

VWBPE Regions 2013

VWBPE regions 2013

New look VWBPE 2013 website

VWBPE 2013 website

Sneak peak at the regions this year 

VWBPE Gateway region has been revamped this year with a main central spot with outside areas for presentations which look very nice.

VWBPE Gateway 2013

The main VWBPE Central regions have a smart red carpet this year with updated posters for 2013 around the top of the bridges.

VWBPE Central 2013

VWBPE West and East regions are still empty at the moment. The latest update is that acceptance notification emails have been sent out and its recommended to check emails on a regular basis. Volunteers are still needed for VWBPE 2013 and the application form can be found here. Roles needed: Stage Manager, Estate Manager, Meet & Greet and Moderators.

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