Kitely Market opens for business

The Kitely Market is now officially open for business after an official announcement on the Kitely official blog made on Friday 30th August 2013. This is very good news for the Kitely community because so much hard work has gone into creating this new marketplace. The Kitely team have been working on this new marketplace for more than 6 months and the hopefully it will become popular like the SL marketplace in the months ahead.

Check out the new Kitely Market here.

Kitely Market opens


What are your views on the new open Kitely marketplace ? Please share in comments!

Event details released for AVN3B

Avination grid will be celebrating it’s third birthday anniversary this weekend from Saturday 31st August to Sunday 1st September 2013 which is open to everyone to attend. New/updated event details have been published for AVN3B which can be viewed below featuring top DJs who will be playing great music.

At the AVN3B regions there will be a 3D maze, amusement park, ski resort, racing, music, freebies and much more.

AVN3B regions 2013

Full Event Schedule 

Event Schedule Saturday August 31: (all times AVN / PDT)

7 am – 11 am DJ Servex Congrejo (oldis and goldies)
11 am – 1 pm DJane Kirsten Sweetheart (Gothic Bunker)
1 pm – 2 pm Torben Asp with his unique light show
2 pm – 4 pm DJane Melanie Milland
4 pm – end DJ Elferion Infinity

preliminary Schedule Sunday September 1:

7 am – 11 am Servex Congrejo (oldis and goldies)
11 am – 1 pm Elferion Infinity
1 pm – 3 pm Marielle Dunheved (Oldies/Rock)
3 pm – 5 pm unconfirmed special guest
5 pm – end Jeffrey111

Sneak preview of AVN3B…Visit AVN3B Landing Point to join the party!


The Avination login screen now shows a birthday message for AVN3B…

It’s getting closer…
The Party Of The Year. Avination’s 3rd Birthday on Aug 31-Sept 1. There aren’t many exhibit parcels left so come and get yours quickly. Contact Holger Gilruth (German) or Gord Devonshiire (English) for more information.  Share your wares at the best attended party of the year! Huge 3D maze, Amusement parks , Ski Resort, Racing of all kinds, Music and much much more!!!

For the latest news visit the official Avination Blog.

Trip to the OSGrid Welcome Station

Today I took a trip to the OSGrid Welcome Station where newcomers arrive the first time they log in. It’s a great welcoming station with loads to see along the pathway marked with green dots. The welcome station has freebies, shopping info and tutorials to get started on the OSGrid. Sign up to OSGrid or visit the inworld location to look around.

Hypergrid Business reported mid-August 2013 OSGrid has 3, 773 active users and 10, 971 regions. OSGrid is growing and recently there has been a increase in signups/visitors which is a good sign.

OSgrid Welcome Station 2013

OSGrid Stats (28th August 2013)

  • Users in-world: 61
  • Hypergrid Vistors: 13
  • Total Regions: 11140
  • Active users (last 30 days): 3676
  • Total Users: 92126

OSgrid Welcome Station 2013

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OSgrid Welcome Station 2013
Once completed the welcome station the journey begins on OSGrid with many places to visit….

New Trailer for The Blackened Mirror – Season 2

A new trailer for season 2 of The Blackened Mirror is now available to watch on YouTube which runs for 46 seconds.  The Blackened Mirror is a popular SL online series of short epsoides full of adventures, games and puzzles. Season 2 will include six episodes and many twists through season 2.

Follow the latest on The Blackened Mirror website


Lumiya 2.5.2 update

Alina Lyvette has released a new 2.5.2 update for the most popular and most used Lumiya android app for Second Life and OpenSim grids. Lumiya 2.5.2 is 5.0M in size and it costs £1.89 to buy.  Lumiya runs on android smartphones and tablets. It’s a great application to use on a daily/regular basis and reviews have been positive from across the SL community.

What’s New in 2.5.2

  • Advanced rendering mode for better visual quality;
  • Limited Windlight support (sky, clouds, stars, time of the day);
  • Drag-to-select pointer for easy selection of small objects in 3D mode;
  • Ability to purchase objects;
  • Fixed an issue with terrain not being rendered when 3D view is opened too early;
  • Fixed a crash with advanced rendering affecting devices with Adreno GPU.

Try It Out!

Lumiya big new improvements added so far in 2013:

  • Support for mesh objects and clothing.
  • Support for RLV.
  • Support for server-side baking
  • Inventory Search
  • Support for windlight support
  • And more!

What is Lumiya ? 

Lumiya is a Second Life and OpenSim client with 3D world view. With Lumiya, you can send and receive instant messages, teleport to your favorite Second Life locations, participate in local chat, interact with objects, manage your inventory, see and navigate the virtual world around you in 3D. Runs entirely on the phone, no special in-world objects are required. No hidden subscription fees. Lumiya supports mesh content, server-side appearance and is compatible with RLV.

Are you running Lumiya on your android device for SL/OpenSim ?


BURN2 2013 Plottery Winners Announced

This week there was good news for the BURN2 2013 group in Second Life because the plottery winners have been announced for this year’s big event. See the winners list below and upcoming important dates for BURN2 2013  The winners will receive free 512sm plot for this year’s BURN2: Cargo Cult. BURN2 2013 is resident supported and there will be many sims for the event this year.

Congratulations to all!

  • Neo Deezul
  • Calla Cela
  • Further Monday
  • Faewyn Silverweb
  • Xiija Resident
  • fredx resident
  • Professor Bimbogami
  • Zipper Moomintoog
  • mick lunasea
  • polkamatic feller
  • Andy Burroughs
  • Namor Xue
  • Isabelli Anatine
  • Alesha Hax
  • KT Syakumi

Important dates to note down…

  • BURN2 2013 plot sales end on 31st August 2013
  • Building for BURN2 2013 festival in Second Life starts on 17th September 2013
  • Building ends for BURN2 2013 festival in Second Life on 12th October 2013
  • BURN2 2013 officially opens to the public on 19th October 2013
  • BURN2 2013 officially ends on 27th October 2013

57 days to GO!