Private Estates in Second Life drop under the 20, 000 regions mark

Today there is big news that the number of privates estates in Second Life have dropped below the 20, 000 mark for the first time since 28th June 2008 according to Tyche Shepherd on SLUniverse Forums. The net loss of private estate regions this year to date now stands at 995 regions which is a 4.7% loss. In comparison last year the net loss for private estates was 11.3% between January 2012 to December 2012

On 6th January 2013 private regions was 20, 921 and today there are 19, 997 private regions left on the grid. This is rather alarming and shocking news that there is still a noticeable decline happening in Second Life. There was a positive peak in late March 2013 when there was small growth of 13 regions in private estates in Second Life which was a good sign. The last time before that was 24th June 2012.

I guess if rates continue private estates would go under the 15, 000 mark sometime in 2016/2017. We need a recovery plan for private estates so growth can take place again.

On 6th January 2013

  • Total main grid regions: 28, 036
  • Total private estates: 20, 921 
  • Total Linden owned: 7, 115 

On 21st July 2013

  • Total main grid regions: 27, 079
  • Total private estates: 19, 997
  • Total Linden owned: 7, 082

See the graph below for the net loss of Second Life Private Estates during 2013.

See the graph below from October 2006 to July 2013 showing growth peaks then for some reason there is a noticeable decline of SL private estates.

What needs to be done to see growth in private estates in Second Life in 2013/2014+?