OSG6B new details leaked

There is a new update posted in the OSGrid Forums on the upcoming 6th birthday of OSGrid on the dates and regions. This year OSG6B will kick off on Friday 2nd August to Sunday 4th August 2013. There will be regions for OSGrid and there is a need for exhibitors to build for the birthday celebrations. A special event region will be available for live events, parties, dj tunes and more.

If you are interested in OSG6B then IM Key Gruin or Sarah Kline to setup your plot.

OSG6B regions – 10th July 2013

OSG6B regions

OSGrid Stats – 10th July 2013

  • Users in world : 43
  • Hypergrid Visitors : 18
  • Total Regions : 10, 336
  • Active users (last 30 days) : 3, 168
  • Total Users : 90, 705