Terrence Linden Updates Teen Grid Residents About TSL Transition

Terrence Linden apparently went to have a meeting with the teens yesterday afternoon on 27th November 2010, at the resident owned region called Eutopia. Terrence Linden did a question and answer session on the most important talking points raised by Teen Grid residents. Blaze Borgin a teen grid resident who is a good friend of mine kept a log of the transcript and updates mentioned by Terrence Linden.

Latest Updates posted by Blaze Borgin:

  1. Teen Second Life will shut down in the first week of January.
  2. All active accounts age 16-17 will be transferred.
  3. All accounts ages 15 and under will be frozen and automatically reactivated when the user becomes of age.
  4. All land in TSL will be transferred.
  5. Transferred accounts will keep all items, friends, etc…
  6. 16-17 year old residents can have access to the marketplace but can not purchase items marked as “mature”
  7. Adults can visit teen grid regions that are transferred.
  8. Transfers are automatic and do not invlve anything done on our part.
  9. Linden labs is not doing this simply because of cost cutting measures as most people say.
  10. Teen users will not get tags, nor will adults, in the interest of safety.
  11. 80% of G regions do not border Moderate/Mature regions
  12. Terrence will provide more answers in a notecard (possibly)

Apparently there were around 100 teen residents that attended this special Q&A session and many posted their TSL questions on a page called Teen questions for TSL migration created by Terrence Linden. So far there have been 44 TSL residents that have submitted 62 questions along with cast 783 votes so far.

When I hear any new info I will publish it on my blog when it comes available.


4 thoughts on “Terrence Linden Updates Teen Grid Residents About TSL Transition

  1. Thanks for spreading the word 🙂 There were 4 other blogs with the same transcript (by Artemis Kangjon, Rosaliehale Quintessa, Ishy Wingtips and DylanRyan Faith) that posted it too.

    It’s still amazing how in the dark we are still. Terrence didn’t really answer any questions. he just confirmed what we knew. Well, he tried to, nearly all of the teens were running around screaming apocalypse that the club owner had to start ejecting people.


  2. Daniel, as Tateru Nino points out on her blog, this is quite a change of direction re: 13-15 year-olds. Did Terrence clarify that the idea of their being on the main grid in sponsored estates had been nixed?


  3. @Blaze: Thanks for keeping folks informed about this event and providing information on your blog about it. I have added the bloggers to my favourite list to keep track of during the TSL transition stages. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    @Iggy: I saw and enjoys reading Tateru Nino blog posts every day. Your question about “Did Terrence clarify that the idea of their being on the main grid in sponsored estates had been nixed?” – I don’t know!


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