Delinda Dyrssen has passed away in RL

Just heard the very sad news that Delinda Dyrssen (SL resident) has passed away in real life. She was a great inspiration in Second Life and in real life. She was part of the Treet.TV team and became apart of music in Second Life. She was a wonderful force for SL.

SLURL – Remember Delinda Dyrssen here

Chestnut Rau, New World Notes event writer, has also created a new SL group you can join, Delinda Dyrssen Memorial: “This group is to organize a memorial concert to benefit her favorite charity and to honor her endless enthusiasm.” – NWN

A lovely person and we will never forget you. RIP Delinda Dyrssen! 😦

SL Web Browser Beta Videos

Check out these cool SL web browser beta videos I found on YouTube from SL residents that have successfully logged in and exploring the new web based experience this week. There are at least 30 SL destinations to visit when using the online web-based experience apparently. There are limited controls and things you can do in the SL Project Skylight Beta web-based experience.


First visit to Second Life from the web


Project Skylight, the Web-based viewer for Second Life


Secondlife Web Viewer Beta use


Web based Viewer (Beta) – Second Life


sl web vieweer