It's My 4th Rezday In Second Life!

Today, 31st October, 2010 marks my 4th rezday in Second Life. Wow, four years in Second Life and I’m still enjoying the experience. It’s funny how my SL rez day falls on Halloween but that’s what makes it extra special for me.

It was four years ago that I logged into Teen Second Life for the first time, and my avatar called Daniel Voyager was born. I have so many happy memories of my Teen Second Life experience and what I’ve achieved there over the years. As many know I transferred over to the Main Grid in mid December 2008 when I turned 18 years old to start my new adult life. I am looking forward to celebrating my 2nd year on the Main Grid in mid-December 2010.

Since December 2008 it’s been interesting, fun and enjoyable to explore the grid. I’ve met many great friends, became popular, took part in many things and shared my knowledge with others.

Here are pictures from my previous rezdays:

I love Second Life and will continue my adventures around the grid. I am looking forward to see what the next year brings me in Second Life until my 5th rez day and beyond that. Thanks for all of your support over the years. Happy Halloween 2010!

SL Recap of October 2010

Recap of the popular news stories during the month of October 2010 in Second Life. Click on the links for more info and the dates are listed right next to them. If you have any highlights, please share in comments. Happy Halloween 2010.

At the end of every month I publish recap posts on my blog and I will look forward to what November 2010 brings.





SL Economy, Q3 Metrics 2010

Nelson Linden has published the The Second Life Economy in Q3 2010 metrics on the Official Second Life Blog yesterday. The Q2 SL Metrics were flat and Q3 SL Metrics seem to be flat but it seems to be a huge relief in some ways. Linden Lab no longer publishes data feeds anymore and redirects to the Quarterly Economic Report page.


Recap of 2010 Q3 Metrics

Most of the Q3 2010 metrics showed alot of decline and some of the metrics showed some stable growth.


  • As expected from the fluctuations in June, the average exchange rate of L$ per US$ rose 1.7% from Q2, or 2.5% year over year.
  • US$ value of all Resident-held L$ grew 1.2% from Q2, or 6.1% year over year. Although there may have been fewer economically active accounts in Q3, this suggests the L$ in those accounts did not exit Second Life.
  • Total sales volume on both Xstreet SL and the new SL Marketplace rose 8.5% from Q2 and grew 115.2% year over year. Note that the SL Marketplace was only in beta during Q3 and makes up less than 10% of total Q3 Web volume.


  • Average Monthly Repeat Logins fell 2.1% from Q2 but still rose 5.3% year over year.
  • User Hours fell 3.7% from Q2 and 11.0% year over year.
  • Active economic participants fell 1.0% from Q2 and year over year
  • LindeX volume in Q3 fell 3.8% from Q2 and 2.8% from Q3 2009.
  • Total world size fell 1.4% from Q2 and grew 7.2% year over year.





SL Project Skylight Beta FAQ

Linden Lab has confirmed that Project Skylight Beta will be testing for a Second Life Web Viewer experience. Testing starts in the next few weeks. Check out the FAQ here. There will be a limited number of “venues and select participants”.

Pop Art Lab sim will participate in testing SL Skylight (browser based access!) interesting how this will be recieved!

Linden Lab responded by saying this:

One of our goals is to make it easier and faster for people to together experience the fun and immersive content Second Life has to offer.

We plan to test a number of ways to better provide that for more people, including a way to experience Second Life without having to download the full Second Life Viewer, and we’re testing that with SL Web Viewer in the next few weeks. As it’s just a test, we don’t have more information to share at this point.

These tests will run from time to time and for various lengths, and we may choose to further pursue some or none of these approaches, depending on what we learn from our testing.

Another interesting development. We will see how well this will go and I will publish more when it comes available on my blog.

Total Blog Views

Around 1:10am SLT/PDT today my total blog views reached the 100, 000 milestone. I am really happy that so many of you enjoy reading my SL blog and this is a big milestone for me blogging about Second Life. I first started blogging on 18th December 2007 and since then the views have been accelerating through the years. Again, thanks for visiting and returning to my blog.

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Second Life Blender Conference 2010

The Second Life Blender Conference 2010 will be streamed live from Amsterdam into Caledon Oxbridge in Second Life. The event will take place this weekend between Friday 29th to Sunday 31st October 2010, “everyone is invited to come, watch and discuss”. Check out the details including times, conference speakers and SLURL landmarks below.

Event Details

Live Stream at Caledon Oxbridge University (SL)
29th – 31th October 2010

The Caledon Oxbridge University will present the stream of this event inworld – live from Amsterdam. Everyone is invited to come, watch and discuss.


  • Friday, 29th October 2010 – 02:00 AM SLT/PDT
  • Saturday, 30th October 2010 – 01:00 AM SLT/PDT
  • Sunday, 31th October 2010 – 02:30 AM SLT/PDT


Further infos:

The Caledon Oxbridge University is located in the Independent State of Caledon, which is a 19th century Steampunk Victorian micronation within the virtual worlds of Second Life. The University offers ~40 weekly classes about building, designing, scripting and socializing, a tutorial about the SL-basics, help by many faculty members and a community for the students.

If you will enter Second Life the first time: