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What is it?

My SL Netvibes aims to bring you the latest news and events 24/7. Click the tabs along the top for more information and feeds. Feel free to send me suggestions, links or questions on the contact form. Let me know what you think in comments please. Thanks!


  • DV: My SL links and status updates
  • SL: Main SL websites
  • SL News: Latest SL breaking news and more
  • SL Blogs: Latest posts by the SL community
  • SL Fashion: Latest fashion news from SL
  • SL Metrics: SL charts, statistics and more
  • SL Shopping: Portal of shopping links
  • SL Newbies: Help resources to get started in SL
  • SL Videos: Latest official second life videos and tutorials
  • SL TV: Find out the latest events happening in SL
  • SL Pics: Latest snapshots from inworld
  • TSL: Latest TG tweets and news
  • Virtual Worlds: News from other online worlds
  • RL: Find out the latest breaking news in real life

Some history stats

  • Joined: 09 March 2009
  • Beta: March – July 2009
  • Version 1.0 as of 20th July 2009. Yay
  • Version 2.0 = 24th January 2010!
  • 1 years old = 9th March 2010
  • 2011 = Expect more pages, links and changes!